Sri Lanka in the eyes of the world – discussed in Parliament

Sri Lanka in the eyes of the world – discussed in Parliament

Sri Lanka in the eyes of the world – discussed in Parliament

Written by Tharushan Fernando

11 Dec, 2015 | 9:14 pm

The improvement of Sri Lanka, in the eyes of the world, as well as Sri Lanka’s undertaking to the international community were discussed in Parliament on Friday.

Minister of Justice, Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe stated:

Now all the world leaders are praising the improvement in Sri Lanka, specially the restoration of the rule of law, restoration of the values and principles of democracy and the restoration of the independence of the judiciary and the protection of human rights; during the recent past, from January, up to now.

He added:

With this, there is a greater recognition of Sri Lanka as a sovereign country not only by western countries and America, but the whole world including India and China

TNA MP,M.A. Sumanthiran in reply stated:

The honourable minister of justice who preceded me said “our pristine glory has been restored”, in his own words, by agreeing to reasonable suggestions, by taking steps to implement our own undertakings to the international community.

He went on to note:

I am emphasising some of these provisions, some of our undertakings for the reason that although some of the undertakings have been clearly articulated by the leadership of the country to the people of the country, there are still others which are not being articulated very clearly. It seems that that is also by design, and  I did like to ask the question as to why is the truth not being told to the country

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mangala Samaraweera stated:

Take the final decision regarding the architecture of the special courts. And once the consultation process is over, in fact, we are putting the finishing touches to the consultation task force. We hope to begin the consultation by the 10th of January and finish it by March. By March we should have a clear idea on the actual contours of this special mechanism.

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