Anonymous declare war against ISIS

Anonymous declare war against ISIS

Written by Tharushan Fernando

17 Nov, 2015 | 6:16 pm

Hacktivist group,Anonymous has declared war on IS, following the deadly attacks in France on Friday the 13th.

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Posted by on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Anonymous has been well known to wage cyber-war against various groups who have been a threat to Social Justices, but has come under much criticism for its decentralized command structure.

What can Anonymous do?

Anonymous main front of attack is ‘Cyber-war’ that clouds itself in the anonymity of participation of its members in numbers. Anonymous operations have ranged the Church of Scientology in the operation dubbed Project Chanology to the 2009 Iranian election protests where the group facilitated information exchange between the world and Iran.

The group even collaborated with LulzSec (A 6 member collective called Internet Feds, a group in rivalry with Anonymous) to hack the websites of a number of government and corporate sources and release information from them and targeted American sites as well as government sites in Tunisia, Anguilla, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Turkey, and Australia.

Anonymous’ history proves that it is a dangerous, formidable and very much existent group, but the IS is an equally formidable opponent who has been waging war against the likes of America and Russis and has been the driving force fueling fears of a ‘World War 3’.


What does Anonymous have in its arsenal?

Release of private information:

This can be considered the overall target of Anonymous and can cause the most impact. It involves retrieval and dissemination of information considered private by ISIS.

Anonymous has the ability to access the private networks of ISIS and disseminate battle plans, operative names, and countless other pieces of vital information that assists in military action.

World governments maybe attempting this themselves,but the the case is different with a no-nonsense,well hidden, decentralized hacking collective with vendetta. Anonymous has the capabilities to apply methods that are outside the control of World governments and international laws.

“Doxxing” members:

This involves revealing personal, private information . In the case of a group like ISIS, this tactic could be used to expose the personal information of those involved in terrorist activity and this is the kind of information-based warfare that hacking collectives specialize in, which has ripple effects beyond the act itself.

Such information from “doxxing” is often distributed via anonymous, publicly accessible channels like the website Pastebin, or internet forums like 4chan.

“DDoS” attacks:

This involves flooding servers with far more requests for information than it can handle, thus shutting it down altogether. The acronym’s definition is quite accurate describing what it does: “distributed denial-of-service.”

Hackers, employing massive quantities of “virtual” machines ( programs acting as full-on computers) — request data on a massive scale from a network and when that network is overrun with requests, it shuts down, making it unusable for everyone.

this method was used in the past for shutting down the computer networks of companies or organizations fit for attack like the Church of Scientology to the municipal computer system of Ferguson, Missouri (in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown).

Hack accounts:

Taking over social media accounts used by ISIS and can be deemed the most obvious weapon in a hacker collective’s arsenal: outright hacking of social media accounts and since ISIS is infamous for using social media to recruit new members, this is a likely course of action for Anonymous.

“Google Bomb” / “Googlewashing” searchable terms with links to anti-ISIS websites:

This involves linking en masse to an alternative definition to impact the Google results that come up when someone searches that word. Since google searches to some extent, depend on users to define where search terms will send them , therefore the more websites that return the same
information fundamentally alter the search results and if an overwhelming number of websites and users redefine search terms like “ISIS recruiting” , that could seriously impact the group’s ability to easily recruit new members.

Prank calls (flood ISIS phone networks with spam phone calls):

The 90’s kids favorite prank is also a favorite of Anonymous but the hackers don’t just make prank calls. Instead they flood a certain phone network with spam calls. ISIS has a help desk staffed by senior operatives who specialize in encrypted communications which is the ideal candidtae for such an attack

The concept behind Anonymous’ cyber-attacks are to disrupt ISIS’ ability to operate, thus cripping its ability to perpetrate terrorist acts.

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