The world’s best and worst places to live are…

The world’s best and worst places to live are…

The world’s best and worst places to live are…

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10 Nov, 2015 | 10:54 am

Yet again, the Nordic countries have dominated a list of the world’s most desirable places to live.

But before the rest of us get too jealous, the experts warn that the Nordics shouldn’t sit back and relax just yet.

The UK-based Legatum Institute has just released its annual Prosperity Index, which ranks 142 countries across 89 variables under eight sub-indexes: the economy; entrepreneurship and opportunity; governance; education; health; safety and security; personal freedom; and social capital.

10 most prosperous countries :

1. Norway

2. Switzerland

3. Denmark

4. New Zealand

4. Sweden

6. Canada

7. Australia

8. Netherlands

9. Finland

10. Ireland
10 least prosperous countries :

142. Central African Republic

141. Afghanistan

140. Haiti

139. Chad

138. Burundi

137. Democratic Republic of the Congo

136. Syria

135. Yemen

134. Sudan

133. Angola
Top and bottom countries by the 8 sub-indexes


Best: Singapore
Worst: Liberia

Entrepreneurship and opportunity

Best: Sweden
Worst: Central African Republic


Best: Switzerland
Worst: Afghanistan


Best: Australia
Worst: Central African Republic


Best: USA
Worst: Central African Republic

Safety and security

Best: Hong Kong
Worst: Democratic Republic of Congo

Personal freedom

Best: Canada
Worst: Yemen

Social capital

Best: New Zealand
Worst: Togo


Source : CNN

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