Trade unions warn of disrupted train services; point out shortage of engines

Trade unions warn of disrupted train services; point out shortage of engines

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27 Oct, 2015 | 7:42 pm

Trade unions warn that the shortage of train engines could lead to a situation where train services could be hampered. The Department of Railways says that, operation on the upcountry tracks have already seen a setback.

A senior officer attached to the Department of Railways says that of the train engines that were imported from France, over a decade ago to be used on the upcountry tracks, only one engine is in operational condition.

He added that other train engines have been damaged beyond repair.

Railway Trade Unions say that of the 96 train engines owned by the Department Railways, only 59 are in operation. They add that 13 train engines are completely nonoperational, while 24 others are pending repairs.

According to these trade unions, in 2010, 20 S11 Indian power-sets were brought to the country and four of them have been cast aside while 12 of these power-sets are included in to the operations following daily repairs. Speaking to News 1st, General Manager of Railways, Vijaya Amaratunge said that issues arise in every train engine when in operation.

He added that the trade union action by Railway Technicians has also attributed to this situation.General Manager of Railways says that the maintenance of train engines did not take place as scheduled.

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