UN World Humanitarian Summit Global Consultation comes to a close

UN World Humanitarian Summit Global Consultation comes to a close

UN World Humanitarian Summit Global Consultation comes to a close

Written by Tharushan Fernando

16 Oct, 2015 | 8:33 pm

The third and final day of the United Nations World Humanitarian Summit Global Consultation got underway in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday.

The event saw over 900 global leaders come together to shape discussions that emerged from regional consultations, to frame outcomes for the World Humanitarian Summit, which is to be hosted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2016.

The purpose of the summit is to set a forward-looking agenda for humanitarian action to collectively address future humanitarian challenges.

The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited was invited by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, to be represented in Geneva at the summit’s Global Consultation.

IFRC Secretary General, Elhadj As Sy speaking at the summit said:

What is really important in that clarification is the worth of people, well sometimes you call them refugees, sometimes you call them migrants but none of those is an identity: it is a situation. A situation that, most of the time, people do not choose to get into. And when they are in that’s a situation most of them will like to get out of, and yearn  for recovering what they have lost and among the many things they have lost, maybe the most important thing is their human dignity.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres speaking at the summit said:

Now, two thirds of world’s refugees are Muslims and two thirds of the world’s displaced are Muslims. And it is absolutely essential that all humanitarian actors present on the ground are able to work together to plan together and co-ordinate their action.

He further stated:

The truth is that this divide has not been breached and this cannot be just with a Western approach being translated into others and telling the others  -you come and do like us. This needs to make us redesign the way we also do business and the way we co-ordinate our business.

He further stated:

To take into account diversity, to take into account different cultures, different perspectives provided the values are the same, the humanitarian values that we all share and that is common to all religions and all cultures namely humanity, impartiality, neutrality in conflict situations and of course humanity and human dignity in natural disasters.

UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Stephen O’Brien said:

The secretary-General has made it clear, that he expects leadership of the highest level by the heads of states and governments, for this critical endeavour.

He also noted:

The summit will be an opportunity for all stakeholders to announce concrete initiative and innovation to set humanitarian action on a new trajectory: not only saving life but providing hope for every global citizen of a life of safety dignity and resilience.

He  also stated that “millions of people affected by crisis and disaster depend on us all and we will not fail them.”

Chevaan Daniel, Group Director of the Capital Maharaja Organisation was the host of the World Humanitarian Summit, Global Consultation.

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