News1st Classroom Workshop – 200th edition held in Anuradhapura

News1st Classroom Workshop – 200th edition held in Anuradhapura

News1st Classroom Workshop – 200th edition held in Anuradhapura

Written by Lahiru Fernando

09 Oct, 2015 | 10:10 pm

A special event was held in Nivanthaka-Chethiya in Anuradpura to mark the 200th edition of the News First Class Room Workshop.

The 200th edition of the News First Classroom Workshop was held in Nivathaka – Chethiya in Anuradpura. Today’s event was presided by S.C Weerasekara, a Group Director of the the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited.

The event was made more colourful with the participation of students of schools that are in the vicinity.

Principal of Nivathakachethiya Maha Vidyalaya, R. P. Karunaratna Bandara speaking on the occasion stated:

The services rendered by you to educate the local students on communication is highly appreciated. Furthermore, the services carried out by your organisation to highlight and provide solutions to the issues faced by the society is much appreciated.

Director/ General Manager of News 1st, Yasarath Kamalsiri speaking on the occasion said:

The journey we commenced five years ago from the Akuressa Maha Vidyalalaya has not been an easy task. Our teams encountered various obstacles when conducting this project. But that did not stop us from achieving our objective and following the 200th edition of this project, and come next year, we hope to reinforce and conduct this project even better.

CEO of the The Capital Maharaja Organization Limited, Mohan Bharara also made a special statement. He said:

Our schools and other institutions in big towns, and backed by powerful forces, churn out smart young people almost like a manufacturing assembly line. But the output of schools and other institutions in far-flung areas, so to say “not right under the sun” require a helping hand to stand up in this competitive world, to get their due share.

He  added:

Recognising the need for external support in the “not in the limelight” institutions, News1st started the classroom programkme of supporting schools in deep rural areas. We are glad to say today, we are starting this programme at the 200th school.

He also stated:

The Capital Maharaja Organisation and its Media – Sirasa, Shakthi, MTV, Yes FM, Y FM and News1st have been in the forefront, in giving back to society a little bit, so as to provide a better tomorrow to all whose lives we touch. What other better way than nurturing these young future pillars of the country?

He went on to state:

We are proud of our commitment to support, not just those in dire straits as in calamities, but also those who given the right “sunshine” – at the right time will aspire to outshine all else and there is no greater satisfaction than in giving

Group Director -of TCMOL, S.C.Weerasekera stated:

Our value as Sri Lankans to the world is, if we protect our cultures and we need to understand the value of our country and the value of the villages. To protect those values and we could conduct many lectures, the teachers could educate, yet we could all show where the boat is and where the oars are. But these students will have to row it.

Guest lectures were delivered by Sirasa FM Program Director Nihal Wickreme Edirisuriya and Y FM manager Chamika Roshan.

A painting by a school student was presented to News 1st as a mark of gratitude.

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