Fmr President Mahinda Rajapaksa makes proposal to reject OHCHR

Fmr President Mahinda Rajapaksa makes proposal to reject OHCHR

Fmr President Mahinda Rajapaksa makes proposal to reject OHCHR

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22 Sep, 2015 | 9:23 pm

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, issuing communique, made a proposal to the present government to reject the OHCHR report on Sri Lanka.

The former president states that his government did not support the investigations in any way.Giving reasons for not engaging with the UN on the matter, the communique states that the investigation was held outside the usual practice of the UNHRC; the non appointment of an independent three-member committee and the fact that the High Commissioner for Human Rights Commissioner does not have a mandate to conduct such an investigation.

Referring to the UNHRC as a body dependent on funds pumped by western nations, the communique issued by Rajapaksa states that the independent status of the UNHRC thus is questionable.

Rajapaksa is of the view that since the key positions as well as half of the staff of the Office of the High Commissioner comprises of citizens of Western Nations, the UNHRC functions based on the whims and fancies of these western powers.

Rajapaksa reminds that in 2014, only 23 of the 47 countries supported the US resolution against Sri Lanka. The communique goes on to note that even though there is a notion that the gravity of the report issued had toned down with the appointment of the new government, in reality it was not the case.

Rajapaksa points out that since Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, a case cannot be filed against Sri Lanka at the International Court of Justice. However, by proposing the establishment of a Hybrid Special War Crimes Court, the OHCHR had recommended the only practical system it could hold Sri Lanka accountable

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