JVP comments on PM’s state visit to India

JVP comments on PM’s state visit to India

JVP comments on PM’s state visit to India

Written by Tharushan Fernando

13 Sep, 2015 | 10:07 pm

The JVP commented on the Prime Minister’s state visit to India where Propaganda Secretary of the JVP,MP Vijitha Herath noted that the Prime Minister is suddenly travelling to India to recommence discussions on the CEPA agreement.

He said:

The preliminary draft of this agreement was presented in 2000 and it has been dragged on now for 15 years and our annual exports to India total about 580 million dollars and over 15 years our imports from India have increased to about five times that amount under the SAFTA agreement and other existing agreements. Under the broadening of the services economy through such an agreement, there is a risk that our people may lose job opportunities as doctors, engineers and even labourers.

Meanwhile, issuing a statement on Sunday, the Minister of Development Strategy and International Trade, Malik Samarawickrema, noted that the CEPA agreement will not be discussed or signed during the Prime Minister’s visit to India.

He pointed out that the country can only embark on a new development avenue which rebuilds the local economy and provides employment for the youth, if pending agreements are subject to broad scrutiny.

Samarawickrema also noted that international trade agreements entered into with any nation, will be founded on these points and will not be intended to strengthen the personal accounts of politicians.


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