New app called ‘Try It On’ enables users to test cosmetics virtually

New app called ‘Try It On’ enables users to test cosmetics virtually

Written by Staff Writer

09 Sep, 2015 | 1:57 pm

The new app called Try It On, that could just revolutionize the way women purchase cosmetics.

The app allows you to snap a selfie, and then scan the bar codes of makeup products. And in just two seconds it shows you how the product looks on you.

Creator Ruth Gal says developing a program that defines every person’s features and truly shows how the properties of different cosmetic products will look – is a major achievement.

To do that, a lab has to figure out each product’s individual weight, degree of coverage and the intensity of effects like shine, matte or a velvet finish.

A computer algorithm stores the properties and identifies them by the SKU number, enabling consumers to scan and see how they look in particular shade.

The app recently launched in the U.S. and is featured in Rite Aid drugstores as well as Walmart.

Rite Aid District Manager Kaitlyn Mullins expects the app to help stores reduce returns and wasted inventory.

The app also features coupons for products and lets users upload images to Facebook and Instagram, to get second opinions.

Gal and her team are already looking ahead. Try It On plans to expand its range of products to include hair color and feature specific daytime and evening looks.

So that overwhelming trip down the makeup aisle, may just be a thing of the past.


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