Matara political party supporters arrested over alleged abduction

Matara political party supporters arrested over alleged abduction

Matara political party supporters arrested over alleged abduction

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30 Jul, 2015 | 1:55 pm

Six supporters of a political party have been arrested for allegedly abducting two members of another party in the Diyalape area in Akuressa, Matara.

The Police Media Spokesperson’s Office said that the abductions took place while they were pasting posters in a three-wheeler early Thursday morning. Police say that the six members had come to the location in a pick-up truck and had allegedly kidnapped the two other individuals.

Police added that one of the individuals had managed to escape while they were being taken away. The six members of the UPFA were arrested following a a complaint made to the police by this individual.

Meanwhile a special meeting regarding the upcoming general on elections took place at the Elections Secretariat on Thursday morning. The meeting was held under the auspices of Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapiriya.

Additional Elections Commissioner M.M. Mohamed said that the meeting was attended by district returning officers, deputy elections commissioners and additional election commissioners.

Topics centering on issues that are encountered when upholding election laws at district level, and training officers who will be counting polling cards, and the number of officers needed for this purpose were discussed in detail.

Meanwhile, the Additional Elections Commissioner said that the plan that was formulated to count polling cards was reviewed by the officials.

Moroever, ways in which columns should be allocated for the purpose of dividing votes and the process of announcing the election results were also discussed.

Meanwhile, the Police Media Spokesperson’s office said that 86 complaints in relation to the general elections have been received, while 203 persons have been arrested.

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