Anuradhapura elephant attack spurs protest

Anuradhapura elephant attack spurs protest

Anuradhapura elephant attack spurs protest

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15 Jun, 2015 | 9:59 pm

A close encounter with a wild elephant which nearly led to the loss of a life was  reported in a remote village in Anuradhapura. The victim’ family however blame the authorities over this threat amidst which they all live.

The mother of the child stated that she couldn’t do anything even though the incident occurred right in front of her eyes. Twelve-year-old Isuru Sampath from Shrawasthipura, Moragoda, Anuradapura was waiting for the bus to go to school but instead he was approached by a wild elephant right before his mother’s eyes.

She added that she screamed and cried not to come closer to her son – as he lay on the ground – and somehow as the gods had mercy on her,  the elephant had backed off.

Wild elephants straying into this village, is a common occurence. Frustrated over today’s attack, the villagers took to the streets to protest over the matter.

Efforts made by senior police officers in Anuradhapura who arrived at the location to solve the matter proved unsuccessful.

A tense situaton arose thereafter, when Anuradhapura Additional District Secretary  Saman Bandulasena arrived at the location. Electric fences that were erected to prevent wild elephants from straying into human territory have proved futile.

Even though it has not occurred to humans to cut down the trees  around these electric fences – it has most certainly occurred to the the wild elephants that these fences can be broken by merely pushing down the trees, and wreak havoc in villages.

It took an attack on an innocent school boy for the authorities to take measures to cut down the trees. The child has been hospitalised.

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