Facebook Messenger platform launches its first game

Facebook Messenger platform launches its first game

Facebook Messenger platform launches its first game

Written by Staff Writer

10 Jun, 2015 | 3:47 pm

Facebook Messenger’s quest to own all the ways you connect with friends is now expanding to games. On Wednesday, June 10 the “Doodle Draw Game” was spotted in the Messenger platform app list, and Facebook says this is the first true game available since the platform launched in April.

Initially, Facebook only allowed content creation apps like GIF and sound effect makers on the Messenger Platform. The closest thing to a game was Talking Tom, which lets you choose a cartoon avatar to deliver your video message.

But before the platform’s launch, sources told me Facebook was interested in eventually expanding it to a broader set of experiences including utilities and games if test data looked good. Last month The Information reported Facebook was actively considering how games would fit in Messenger.

Doodle Draw for iOS and Android will be familiar to anyone who played Draw Something…because it’s a blatant copy of the 2012 flash in the pan mobile game that got acquired by Zynga for an exorbitant price. Don’t feel too bad for the fallen games giant, though, as Draw Something was just a mobile version of the classic party game Pictionary. You can download app developer Clay‘s Doodle Draw here, by tapping the “•••” button in a Messenger chat thread to open the platform app list.

It’s unclear whether Facebook would one day earn a cut of such revenue, but for now it’s not taxing other Messenger apps like Ultratext that sells premium filters.

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