Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Uhana (Photos)

Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Uhana (Photos)

Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Uhana (Photos)

Written by Staff Writer

16 May, 2015 | 10:12 pm

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity which will travel through numerous villages and towns across the country  with the aim of creating a united country reached Uhana on Saturday (May 16th) evening.

The rally which has already traveled across 24 cities in its journey thus far, commenced day 9 from Kalmunai.

Kalmunai is home to many who engage in agriculture and fishing. The rally was welcomed by the people of Kalmunai at an event organized opposite the Karathiv Divisional Secretariat. In order to highlight the co-existence among the communities in the area, Buddhist religious observances were performed in Tamil.

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity organized by the MTV / MBC Networks, News 1st, the Colombo Port City Project and the National Youth Services Council reached Ampara thereafter. Ampara is an area well-known for its green paddy fields and agriculture. A ceremony consisting of a number of  colorful performances welcomed the rally to Ampara. The locals of Ampara too etched their mark in the Ranbhumi Rally for Unity with their contribution.

The rally then made its stop at the 24th location on its route , Uhana this evening. A ceremony took place in Uhana this evening where the people of Uhana made their contribution to the Rally casting aside caste and creed.

The program, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka symbolizing National Unity and Reconciliation will visit villages across the country and join the national rebuilding endeavor.

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity will travel to Polonnaruwa from Maha Oya , also passing through Mahiyanganaya.

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