Sirasa Vesak Zone declared open (Watch video)

Sirasa Vesak Zone declared open (Watch video)

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03 May, 2015 | 9:04 pm

The Sirasa Vesak Zone organised by The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, hand in hand with John Keells Holdings PLC, was declared open on Sunday evening.

The Sirasa Vesak Zone has been organised with the purpose of showcasing the spirituality and devotion that arises in Buddhist devotees during the triple festival of Vesak.

The Sirasa Vesak Kalapaya was declared open this evening under the auspices of the Maha Sangha, led by the Chief Prelate of the Amarapura Chapter, the Most Venerable Davuldena Gnanissara Thera.

Representatives of the senior management of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited and John Keells Holdings PLC, were also present at the occasion.

Senior Consultant of Sirasa TV Attorney-at-Law Susara Dinal said that over the past fouryears, hundreds of thousands of devotees, paid homage to the relics adding that the Capital Maharaja Organisation, has been involved with the people of our country for decades, by providing goods and services and in times of disaster, be it drought, floods or even the tsunami.

He went onto say that The Capital Maharaja Organisation has even gone beyond that and reached out to the people of the world throughout its history.


Meanwhile Chairman of Sri Lanka Maha Bodhi Society Ven. Banagala Upatissa Thera expressed the following views:

— The changes that have taken place in the recent past, have not been witnessed before. Thereby, when we engage in such undertakings, the people witnessing it, must take it as an example. At the same time, with this meritorious deed is being organised for the fifth time, countries like Thailand, India and Japan are looking towards us, to learn something, and have come to Sri Lanka to take this as an example.

Vice President of John Keells Holdings Dileep Mudadeniya said ,

— We have joined in this meritorious deed today to promote communal and cultural reconciliation and to promote religious co-existence among the Buddhist people of Sri Lanka. On behalf of the Chairman and Board of Directors of John Keells Holdings, I express our gratitude for the immeasurable support rendered by the respected Maha Sangha, the Capital Maharaja Organisation and the organisers.

Channel Head of Sirasa FM Kingsley Rathnayake also expressed his views,

— The children who are on the other side of this wall, who have come from all corners of the island, will tell this story to their children, long after we have passed, as a part of the story of their lives. Thereby, we see this as a continuous development endeavour and we pray that hearts and minds throughout this country will heal, be filled with purity and goodwill and that crime will reduce.

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