Death toll from earthquake could rise above 10,000: Nepal PM

Death toll from earthquake could rise above 10,000: Nepal PM

Death toll from earthquake could rise above 10,000: Nepal PM

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28 Apr, 2015 | 9:47 pm

Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala, has warned that the number killed in the earthquake could double to 10,000 people.

The UN estimates that eight million people have been affected by the earthquake.

The World Food Programme says 1.4 million people are in need of immediate help.

Despite International aid and relief workers reaching Nepal since the disaster struck, reports from Katmandu say that there is a shortage of medical and food supplies.

According to local authorities, there is a severe shortage in drugs, dry food and blankets as well as helicopters, doctors and drivers to reach the affected areas.

Although the affected areas are not far from the capital Katmandu, damaged roads have proved it difficult for rescuers and relief workers to reach villages that were affected by Saturday’s earthquake.

With phone lines down and electricity out search and rescue in Nepal has been crippled.

According to early seismological data obtained from sound waves which travel through earth after an earthquake, the ground beneath the capital Kathmandu may have moved about three metres southward.

While Kathmandu moved, it is unlikely that the height of Mount Everest the highest peak in the world changed more than a few millimetres, with the mountain not directly above the faultline.

Thousands of Nepalis began fleeing the capital Kathmandu, terror-stricken by three days of powerful aftershocks.

Just days after, a deepening sanitation crisis and looming monsoons are threatening to deal fresh blows to the disaster-stricken nation.

The country’s annual rainy season officially begins in June and typically lasts until September, bringing daily heavy downpours as well as the risk of floods and landslides, which are sure to hamper relief operations.

Meanwhile in Tibet, authorities have taken measures to evacuate people to safer locations due to the threat of aftershocks.

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