Thirty trees felled at Lunugamvehera Forest Reserve (Watch video)

Thirty trees felled at Lunugamvehera Forest Reserve (Watch video)

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15 Apr, 2015 | 8:51 pm

Thirty trees in the Forest Reserve close to the Ranawaranawa paddy lands in Lunugamvehera have been felled by a certain group.

Cologne, Halmilla and Teak trees which were planted in a plot of land belonging to the Irrigation Department were thus felled. Residents said that they lodged a complaint with the police citing that 15 trees were found uprooted.

Minister of Irrigation Vijith Wijayamuni Soysa visited the Lunugamvehera Reserve Office on Tuesday and inspected the stock of timber.

Minister  Wijeyamuni Soysa noted that this is a state property and action has not been taken to make any arrests.

The felling of such large trees is considered a national crime not because of the high price its timber fetches but because of the destruction caused to the forests.

News1st made inquiries into this matter from the  Divisional Secretariat of Lunugamvehera.

News 1st : We have received a report that large scale forest destruction is taking place in the Ranawaranawa Forest Reserve in Lunugamvehera. Have you been informed of it?

Lunugamvehera Divisional Secretariat, S.C.Weerakoon: The Grama Niladhari Officer conducted an investigation. Afterwards it was confirmed that the timber was from a state-owned land. We have informed the police in this regard ”

News 1st : Did you not take any measures to prevent this destruction?

Lunugamvehera Divisional Secretariat, S.C.Weerakoon:  We have to inform the police of this , in order to prevent the destruction ”

News 1st : Haven’t the police been informed?

Lunugamvehera Divisional Secretariat, S.C.Weerakoon: Not yet.

News 1st: You are not aware of what had happened.

Lunugamvehera Divisional Secretariat, S.C.Weerakoon:  I am not sure of what happened afterwards.

News 1st : Is there any connection of a local politician to this ?

Lunugamvehera Divisional Secretariat, S.C.Weerakoon: I am not sure of that.

When inquired, the Office of the Police Media Spokesperson they said that the investigations in this regard have been handed over to the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

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