The promised electoral reforms: a breakdown

The promised electoral reforms: a breakdown

Written by Staff Writer

09 Mar, 2015 | 9:48 pm

The Government has made a public promise to introduce electoral reforms as part of the 100-day programme.


What is this electoral reform?

In line with the 1978 constitution, since the general election of 1989, elections in Sri Lanka have been conducted under a system of proportional representation.

Under this, seats are awarded to a party or an independent group as a proportion to the number of votes received.

According to the proportional system, seats are provided at a district level.

Prior to the adoption of the 1978 constitution, the candidate obtaining the highest number of votes in their electorate, was elected to parliament.

This system was commonly described as the (FPP) system.

The Proportional Representation System was introduced after identifying several faults and shortcomings in this system.

However, today, several concerns are raised against the existing proportional system.

Accordingly, a Parliamentary Select Committee was appointed in line with the notion on bringing about change in the Electoral System.

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