Princess Maria Amor says human rights is still a key concern of international community

Princess Maria Amor says human rights is still a key concern of international community

Written by Bella Dalima

07 Mar, 2015 | 10:48 pm

Princess Maria Amor, from the Royal Family of the Philippines says that Human rights is still a key concern of the international community.

In an exclusive interview with News1st princess Amor explained why she arrived in Sri Lanka.

Princess Maria: This is my second visit, this time we are setting up our office here for We care for humanity, Sri lanka.

Question: I understand that there are seven areas in which your organisation specializes in. In terms of Sri Lanka what areas would you like to touch on or specialise in, in the future?

Princess Maria: According to our survey it would be great for us to help more in the areas of education, health and a little bit of human rights.

Question: In your view Princess Maria how do you view Sri Lanka’s human rights record?

Princess Maria: Well, you just finished the civil war and not that long ago there was one area in Jaffna, their land was taken away from them by the army during the war. We understand that this was necessity for the government to probably do that and its in the midst of war but to the people who owned the land and who was driven away it’s violation of their human rights. So, that is just one of the things that we probably…… if people are aware of their rights, they could have avoided problems like that or they have solutions for that already right now.

Question: ”We care for humanity organisation”. What sort of support can the people in Sri Lanka anticipate in the future.?

Princess Maria: One of the support that we can give to the Sri Lankan chapter and community is our connections in the outside world, outside Sri Lanka and bring them here, bring empowerment and empower more people here.

Question: “Princess Maria, you are representing the royal family of the Philippines as well, during your visit to Sri Lanka. What kind of support can the newl- elected government anticipate from a country like the Philippines.?

Princess Maria: In our Royal House we make sure that we represent our titles in a humanitarian way. We believe that royalty must be a living example. Royalty means what?. It does not mean you are high or you are above anybody. Royalty means you have the royal heart and you should help your community.

Question: It’s not words obviously its deeds at the end of the day. Exactly right Princess Maria. But final question for you is about the future for a country like Sri Lanka at the end of the conflict. What must the people expect from the outside world from the international community to build their livelihoods, to be empowered and to move forward strongly.

Princess Maria: We want to bring in what you do not have here. We are connected with different organisations and we want to bring them here. We want to offer anything that is needed in this country.

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