Oil company trade unions agitate over “substandard, discoloured” fuel stock

Oil company trade unions agitate over “substandard, discoloured” fuel stock

Oil company trade unions agitate over “substandard, discoloured” fuel stock

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17 Feb, 2015 | 7:58 am

Trade unions of oil companies say that a system should be introduced to impose fines on companies that distribute substandard fuel.

Secretary of the CPC branch of the Jathika Sewaka Sangamaya, Ananda Palitha cited the failure impose fines on such malpractices as the reason for the distribution of substandard fuel.

Ananda Palitha’s statement comes with the arrival of 30,000 metric tonnes of diesel into the country that does not meet the specifications.

[quote]Not like the former government, immediate steps should be taken to ban this relevant company. However, this company should be requested to bring down a fresh stock of fuel in exchange to the substandard stock, after imposing a fine. They should also be issued a stern warning with a compulsory fine of 50,000 US dollars. They have breached our agreement, if a country’s fuel agreement is contravened that is viewed as a major attribute to a fuel crisis. Just as the way bringing substandard fuel into the country was prevented, steps should be taken to impose a fine expeditiously.[/quote]

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Ministry of Power and Energy, Suresh Batagoda said that the there is no need to impose a fine on the company that has brought down substandard fuel as the company had agreed to exchange the stock of fuel and replace it with fuel with the standard specifications.

The stock of fuel brought down from a China-based company had been rejected due to a discoloration of fuel.

The vessel carrying 40,000 metric tonnes of petrol and 30,000 tonnes of diesel docked at the Colombo harbour on February 15.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy said that the stock of fuel was not permitted to be off loaded as it did not posses the required specifications.

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