JVP appoints committee to gather information on ‘victims of vengeance’ (Watch Video)

JVP appoints committee to gather information on ‘victims of vengeance’ (Watch Video)

Written by Staff Writer

25 Jan, 2015 | 8:44 pm

The JVP has appointed a committee to collect information on victims of injustice and vengeance under the Rajapaksa regime.

Members of the committee convened a media briefing on Sunday to state their intentions.

JVP member Nalinda Jayatissa expressed the following views during the media briefing,


We call on the people of this country, from the President, to the Ministers, MPs and Pradeshiya Sabha members, to submit information to us on people who were subject to injustices under the political and state mechanism of the Rajapaksa regime. We are seeking information on people who lost lands, people who lost property and businesses, injustices in the financial sector, and we are also looking for injustices and killings of public officials, professionals, youth, journalists, artistes and even sports persons. As a party, we will intervene, and exert pressure within institutions like the law, the ministry, the bribery commission and other institutions, and exert pressure externally to ensure that optimum justice is served to the people. This is the message we wanted to give to the people through the media today.


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