Rubber production drops (WATCH REPORT)

Rubber production drops (WATCH REPORT)

Written by Staff Writer

25 Dec, 2014 | 7:37 pm

The Department of Census and Statistics states that rubber production in the third quarter of this year had dropped by 32 percent.


According to the Department of Census and Statistics,  rubber production had seen a decline of 21.1 percent during the third quarter of 2013 and the low demand for Sri Lankan natural rubber in the world market had dropped attributing to this situation. In this backdrop, rubber cultivators have not come forth for sapping rubber as a result of the low income.

The Department of Census and Statistics points out that this situation had led to a position where the wages of rubber sector employees cannot be increased. This has also led to a decline in youth recruitment to the industry.

According to reports from the Rubber Development Department, exports in the third quarter this year had dipped by 41.5 percent in connection with this year.

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