Officials warn of severe weather off Sri Lanka’s coasts

Officials warn of severe weather off Sri Lanka’s coasts

Written by Staff Writer

25 Dec, 2014 | 9:32 am

A severe weather advisory is in effect off the eastern, southeastern and southern coasts of Sri Lanka.

The Department of Meteorology warns that wind speeds in these sea areas could reach up to 80 kilometres per hour. Meanwhile, heavy downpours persist in many parts of the island. Heavy showers and floods resulted in a disruption to the power supply in Naula in the Matale District.

The divisional secretary of Naula said that heavy rains had caused the Amban River to break its banks, inundating several access roads and damaging to bridges in the area. He added that a small number of people at risk from flooding in the area have been evacuated to other homes. The divisional secretary said the rains had subsided somewhat as of Thursday morning and that they are hoping the flood waters will recede soon.

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