Inclement weather send over 75,000 persons to shelters (Watch report)

Inclement weather send over 75,000 persons to shelters (Watch report)

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24 Dec, 2014 | 3:42 pm

The Disaster Management Centre says that 75,324 persons affected by inclement weather have been sheltered at relief camps. Assistant Director of the DMC Pradeep Kodippili stated that 296 camps are in operation to shelter the displaced.

Meanwhile, over 500,000 persons have been affected by the inclement weather across the country. The DMC added that three deaths were reported and one person remains missing as a result of the bad weather. Due to the incessant rains, many areas including temples and houses in Anuradhapura have been completely inundated.

However, the water level of the Anuradapura Prison, which was flooded few days ago, has significantly decreased.

Our correspondent stated that since the prisons was inundated on Tuesday, the prisoners could not cast their postal votes. However they were able to do so on Wednesday.

The Galenbidunuwewa and Dutuwewa road has being inundated due to the overflowing waters of the Gatalaawa wewa. Around 1000 acres of farm fields have been destroyed as a result of this situation.

The left bank of the spill way of the Kawudulla Reservoir is in dangerous condition.

Our correspondent stated that if the banks break, areas including Medirigiriya, Nawanagaraya, and Ambagaswewa are under the risk of being inundated.

Please watch video.

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