Google to launch Android One in Sri Lanka

Google to launch Android One in Sri Lanka

Google to launch Android One in Sri Lanka

Written by Staff Writer

22 Dec, 2014 | 7:27 pm

Few months ago Google brought in the Android One program in order to improve the affordable android smart-phone experience especially in emerging markets. The project was initiated back in September and launched in the UK last month. Latest news is that its making its way to Sri lanka as well as the neighboring countries, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The android operating system is already coming in on cheap phones and they very often come with excessively modified/buggy versions of the operating system which will never receive software updates and they do not make Google services available. The main idea behind Android One is to keep devices affordable but also maintain a high quality experience for users, and avoid having devices with bad versions of Android.

The search engine giant stated that the new devices will “give people a high quality mobile experience for an affordable price, running stock-Android with updates from Google” and that it’s hugely important for the company.

Google announced that a number of Android One devices will go up on sale in these three countries in the weeks to come.




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