Peshawar attack that killed 132 children – details and analysis

Peshawar attack that killed 132 children – details and analysis

Peshawar attack that killed 132 children – details and analysis

Written by Bella Dalima

18 Dec, 2014 | 9:07 pm

The first images of the interior of the Peshawar school that was attacked by the Pakistani Taliban have been released by Pakistan broadcaster ARY.

One hundred and forty eight (148) people, mostly students, were massacred by Taliban insurgents.

The scenes show blood stains on the floor where the attack took place, and personal items like an abandoned shoe on the back of a seat, and a pair of spectacles lying in a doorway.

A shocked Pakistan began burying 132 students killed by Taliban militants, an incident that has heaped pressure on the government to do more to tackle the insurgency.

People across the country have been lighting candles and staging vigils as parents bade final farewells to their children during mass funerals in and around Peshawar, the volatile city on the edge of Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt where the school was located.

Grief mixed with anger as people looked to the authorities – long accused of not being tough enough on extremists – to stem spiraling violence in a nation which has become a safe haven for al Qaeda-linked groups.

In apparent response to public opinion after what may have been the deadliest militant attack in Pakistani history, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced he had lifted a moratorium on the death penalty.

The Pakistan Taliban released photographs of the militants they say attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar.

In the undated photographs the militants are seen posing with weapons, including Khalifa Omar Mansoor Hafzullah who local media have identified as a senior figure in the Pakistan Taliban.

The location of the photographs was not identified.

In a News1st exclusive tonight independent politician, lawyer, activist and former anchor for one Pakistan’s Leading news organisations Dawn Mohammad Jibran Nasir gave us an analysis on the current political climate subsequent to the Peshawar Attack which sparked outrage and grief not only in Pakistan but around the world as well.

Independent politician, Mohammad Jibran Nasir expressed these views:

[quote]To start off,  it is a bit sad that these kids were attacked because they did not want them to attend school and get an education and the Taliban are trying to scare away these kids away from schools. I think the matter is a bit more complex and there is more to it than that. It is an army public school. A lot of kids, possibly a majority of them are children of… (right now) whose parents are in service and are army officers many of who may actually be serving in operations against the Taliban and the Taliban themselves has said that this is a retaliation into that military operation. However, Pakistan also needs to focus on the fact that schools, as a rule, needs to be made more safer and every child needs to get access to education. This is not first time that children have been killed in Pakistan. This is not the first time a public place has been targeted but we as a nation have this remarkable tendency to forget things after a 48 hour news. Things have to be so grotesque and gruesome and grim that we need to be shaken up for incidents such as this; where innocent young lives were lost as it happened in Peshawar. This is not just a military battle; this is a social battle, this is also a religious battle, this is also a political battle against the Taliban. We need to reclaim Pakistan and we need to reclaim our streets our schools our hospital our mosques. All our public places from this narrative which they are trying to spread and specially the fact that we need to ensure that our borders are secure because news  coming in is that most of these are actors who were indeed foreigners and not even local Pakistanis, these are local tribal areas and tribal people.[/quote]


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