Implement election laws independently and impartially – Friday Forum urges

Implement election laws independently and impartially – Friday Forum urges

Written by Bella Dalima

11 Dec, 2014 | 7:19 pm

In a media release titled Electing President – The critical days ahead, the Friday Forum says that the Presidential Election of  January  8, 2015 is significant not only because it is the first time an incumbent President is seeking office for a third term, but also because it is the first presidential election conducted after the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

The Friday Forum calls upon the Commissioner of Elections and Officials of his Department, officials of the Elections Department and all public officers concerned with the conduct of the election to implement the election laws independently and impartially, and to take necessary action to prevent violations of the law especially the Constitution and the Presidential Elections Act.

In its media release the Friday Forum notes that the role of the police has been called into question at many elections adding that there has been a perception that the appointment of the present Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order has been effected to ensure the pliability of the police at election time.

The Friday Forum also strongly condemn the misuse of state property during the campaign and the use of any authority to commit corrupt acts tantamount to bribery or treating and call upon the candidates to publicly declare their programmes of action and commitments, with target dates.

It adds that the state media should not be abused in favour of the candidate of the ruling party.

The Friday Forum calls upon the people, including civil society and grassroot leaders, to be mindful that the present election is perhaps the most crucial this nation has faced in many years, and that the public have a vital role.

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