National Sangha Council convenes media briefing

National Sangha Council convenes media briefing

National Sangha Council convenes media briefing

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Dec, 2014 | 8:47 pm

A media briefing was convened by the National Sangha Council in Colombo on Wednesday.

Chairman of National Sangha Council, Ven. Rajawatte Wappa Thero shared these views:

[quote]Despite the fact that the Elections Commissioner has power to implement the law during an election, we clearly know that there are certain people in power who disregard the orders of the Elections Commissioner and act upon their own power. The media is not allowed to function freely as they are compelled to follow the orders issued from above. They are under the impression that just because they grant various benefits to selected monks in the country, that the Maha Sangha is on their side. If this is what they think, we wish to clearly say that it is merely a thought. We also urge the Maha Sangha to think about the future and act.[/quote]

Secretary of National Sangha Council, Ven. Pahiyangala Ananda Sagara Thero shared these views:

[quote]It is quite unsatisfactory how they are utilising state property. This is not the time for the educated Theros to be mum about things. This is a kind request we extend to you. We witnessed recently how during a meeting, how a certain group disrupted that meeting and attacked the hotel, the bus and the van and how monks there were intimidated. They put the monks and disrobed them using political motives. Amid all this you are silent. What is the meaning of this?[/quote]

Financial Secretary of National Sangha Council, Ven. Watthakene Wijitha Thero expressed these views;

[quote]The police do not permit the putting up of a banner or a cut-out for a religious sermon or a Bodhi Pooja at a Temple. But take a look at how they have put up banners in the Colombo city for the elections. It is the stolen money of the people, their tax money, which has been hung on lamp posts.[/quote]


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