Taking selfies to new heights

Taking selfies to new heights

Written by Staff Writer

10 Dec, 2014 | 1:53 pm

Imagine being able to control your own personal drone dedicated to capturing your special moments, from June next year consumers in USA will be able to experience just that.  An organization known as the Touring group, which has been creating aerial drones since 2008 for military applications, has now turned their attention to the consumer market and given birth to the Zano.

The Zano is a miniature drone measuring 65mm by 65mm and weighing only 55 grams.it serves as your own personal paparazzi. You can use gesture controls to point where you want Zano to fly and shoot videos of you.

Zano will use OriginGPS‘ Nano Hornet, which OriginGPS claims is the world’s smallest global positioning system (GPS) module. That module measures 10mm by 10mm by 3.44mm. The drone can fly autonomously and connect with smart devices such as iOS or Android smartphones via Wi-Fi. It can upload or share images or videos instantly.

Zano will echo any movement you make while holding a smart device. It also functions in a “free flight” mode, where you can use on-screen joysticks on a tablet to guide Zano. It is smart enough to follow you around.

The first Zano devices will ship in June 2015.​

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