Public representatives warn of rumours about ‘joining other parties’

Public representatives warn of rumours about ‘joining other parties’

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Dec, 2014 | 9:58 pm

Several public representatives whose names were being touted about recently as possible defectors, expressed the following views to the media on Wednesday.

Opposition Leader of North Central PC, Kings Nelson

[quote]If you look at everyone in my family, you will see that the Nelson family is one that has been closely associated with the UNP. So while following in my father’s political footsteps, I have no need of supporting any other political party. There are various opinions among people. There are rumours. I can say that I will stay, but the people wont believe it, because people who have said so, have left. I do not need to stoop to that level. I will prove it and you can see for yourselves whether or not I will join another party on the 8th.[/quote]

Minister of Telecommunications and ICT, Ranjith Siyambalapitiya

[quote]When something like this is happening, why are they fabricating falsehoods when there isn’t even a hint that I spoke with them or spoke to them over the phone. This is not just a tabloid system, they can publish some more things. But sit down and show us, if there was even a hint about Ranjith Siyambalapitiya or whether he spoke to them with frustration. If you cannot prove it, then please apologise to the people of this country during this election campaign.[/quote]

UNP Member of Central Nuwaragama PS, Anura Bandara

[quote]The government made the first bid with one million rupees. Then they bid higher and it went up to 2.5 million rupees. Then the chairman came and said that all privileges would be given and that discussions are being held with everyone at the grassroots level. They have approached me from the beginning in this way. I believe I have all the information and phone records regarding this. I can give this to be examined by anyone at anytime.[/quote]

Minister of National Languages and Social Integration, Vasudeva Nanayakkara

[quote]We too must face this by having a greater presence on the internet and taking counter-invasionary steps. I do not think that we can impose limitations on the media at anytime, unless they are limitations of truth and false, and limitations pertaining to national or public security. But we have to establish a mechanism. We need a system to respond to these defamatory and false statements that are being made through the internet.[/quote]


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