Two injured in Gampaha shooting

Two injured in Gampaha shooting

Two injured in Gampaha shooting

Written by News 1st

26 Nov, 2014 | 8:18 am

Two persons sustained injuries in a shooting that was carried out by a group of alleged robbers in the Balummahara area in Gampaha. Police state that the injured are currently receiving treatment at the Gampaha Hospital.

A construction material store-keeper in the area and another individual were shot in the Balummahara area on Tuesday night . The alleged burglars had been waiting till the store-keeper arrived at his home after closing up his store.

Residents gathered at the location in which the incident occurred when the victim cried out in fear. The Police Media Unit added that the alleged thieves had carried out the shooting and had thereafter allegedly stolen the money belonging to the businessman in question and his wife’s gold necklace.

Investigations have commenced into the incident in order to apprehend the suspects.

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