Doing Business with China : FTA & Beyond

Doing Business with China : FTA & Beyond

Doing Business with China : FTA & Beyond

Written by Staff Writer

24 Nov, 2014 | 4:57 pm

China is on the move…

In terms of global trading power and influence, China has embarked on numerous ambitious ventures to enhance it’s reach. A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between ​Sri Lanka and China will come into effect in the near future and will no doubt have far reaching effects on the Sri Lankan economy, but how will this affect your business and your industry? What are the challenges and opportunities in doing business with China with the FTA and beyond?

Verité Research, a leading research and strategy firm in Sri Lanka, and the Exporters’ Association of Sri Lanka (EASL) have come together to organize a special seminar titled “Doing Business with China: FTA and Beyond.” The seminar, to be held on 26 November 2014at On Golden Pond, Taj Samudra,

Colombo, from 2.00pm to 5.30pm, will explore opportunities and challenges for Sri Lankan businesses as they look to navigate the forthcoming FTA and business with China.

The event is timely, given the increasingly important role China is playing in the Sri Lankan economy, not to mention in the region as a whole. 

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