The constitution says clearly – Anura Kumara

The constitution says clearly – Anura Kumara

Written by Bella Dalima

06 Nov, 2014 | 11:13 pm

Convening a media briefing on Thursday, the JVP commented on the President seeking an opinion from the Supreme Court on whether there are any impediments to him seeking a third term.

JVP Leader, MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake expressed these views:

[quote]Once the point is raised as to whether any individual is able to contest an election or not, the President cannot seek an opinion on it. Because it is not a matter of common importance. Not only that, even the question that has been posed is wrong. The constitution says clearly, that he can only call for a presidential election four years after the completion of his first term. The third amendment to the constitution notes that he must remain in office for six years. So, this is the clause that the President must refer to the Supreme Court.[/quote]

He added;

[quote]One, this President cannot refer this question to the Supreme Court, and secondly, the question that has been put forwards is wrong. Third, what did this President say? We pointed out that the incumbent, Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot contest for another term and that he can call for a presidential election after completing six years. It was not only us but also a former chief justice that pointed out this fact. When we brought it up, the government said go to court. You may remember that they said that if we had such a problem we should go to court. Now, the government has gone to court. The President has put this question to the Supreme Court on the 4th, that is the day before yesterday. And we have been told that written submissions will be entertained until 3 p.m. on Friday, which is tomorrow. Think about this. They issued a letter yesterday, asking for written submissions to be made by 3 p.m. tomorrow. Today is a holiday. So in truth, the Supreme Court was not interested in receiving true submissions from the stakeholders. They are attempting to hear this matter in secret. We call on the Supreme Court to act in line with the constitution.[/quote]



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