Anuradhapura farmers in tears over onion prices

Anuradhapura farmers in tears over onion prices

Written by Bella Dalima

19 Sep, 2014 | 9:19 pm

Big onion farmers in the Anuradhapura district are facing severe hardship as a result of a reduction in prices. They say that private traders are currently purchasing big onions at between Rs.30 and Rs.35 per kilogramme.

The reaping of the big onion harvest in areas including Galnewa, Meegalewa, Thalawa, Thambuththegama, Nochchiyagama and Maha Iluppalama, has already commenced.

Farmers who decided to cultivate big onions, notwithstanding the dry weather conditions experienced in the recent past, at present are facing a crisis as they are unable to sell their harvest for a proper price.

Farmers are stockpiling their onion crops in the hope that they will get a better price in the near future. Meanwhile, big onions which were being sold at Rs.70 to Rs.80 per kilogram at the Dambulla Economic Centre last week, are only  fetching between Rs.50 and Rs. 55 per kilogramme at present.

Farmers have now been driven to selling their produce to private traders at low prices.

Big onion farmers are facing such a fate against a backdrop where the government has introduced a certified price of Rs.60  per kilogramme of big onions for this harvest season.

The Ministry of Co-operatives and Internal Trade says that it has commenced purchasing big onions under the certified price in the Matale district.

Farmers however, have not shown much enthusiasm towards selling their produce at this centre established in the Dambulla town.


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