No clues yet on sleeping girl snatched from Kurunegala parents’ home

No clues yet on sleeping girl snatched from Kurunegala parents’ home

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09 Sep, 2014 | 10:00 pm

There is still no clear information regarding the whereabouts of the four year old who went missing from her home in Kurunegala.

The parents of the missing girl, four-year-old Pamara Keshani Bandara Wijeykoon, made an entry at the police on Tuesday morning that their daughter was missing.

The parents say that their daughter was asleep with them when she went missing. The parents believe that their daughter has been kidnapped.

The father of the girl explaining the chronology of events said: “ It was about 9:30 when we went to sleep. My wife, the smaller child and I sleep on the same bed. My son and the daughter who was taken away, were on the other bed. They have cut the polythene cloth and entered the home. They had cut through the net too. Then my son called out to me and said that he could see the moonlight. It was 2 a.m. when I was awoken. I looked at the bed and my daughter wasn’t there. Only my son was there.”

As soon as the incident was reported, joint investigations were launched by officers of several police stations, including Wariyapola, Pothuhera, Wellawa, Kurunegala, Gokarella and Rambadagalla.

Police observed that a polythene-type cloth used to cover a window and the mosquito net over the bed where the girl had been sleeping had been cut.

Police believe that the child had gone missing between midnight and 2 a.m. The missing girl was the second child of a family of three siblings.  Her father is a trader in sweetmeats.

While no clear information has come to light as yet regarding this incident,  suspicions have arisen regarding a visitor to the area, who had come to the residence on Monday morning.

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