JVP to seek legal redress against violation of election laws

JVP to seek legal redress against violation of election laws

JVP to seek legal redress against violation of election laws

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31 Aug, 2014 | 7:27 pm

The JVP says it will seek legal redress against the violation of election laws.

JVP Propaganda Secretary, MP Vijitha Herath expressed these views at a media briefing held in Colombo on Sunday.

[quote]When we go before him and complain about the violation of election laws and the use of public officials in election campaigning, he in turn tells us of his position and that he know that all of these things are happening. They talk about it but where is the law in the country. The law is not being enforced. If the elections commissioner cannot enforce the law and if he has failed in enforcing the law then our next resort is the Human Rights Commission. We will complain to the Human Rights Commission and afterwards we hope to go before the courts as well.[/quote]

Meanwhile, journalists raised questions at this media briefing regarding legal obstacles the incumbent President faces in contesting a possible Presidential Election following the Uva Provincial Council poll.

JVP Councilor of the Western Provincial Council, Attorney-at-Law Sunil Watagala replied in this regard:

Sunil Watagala

[quote]It is a clear legal argument. There is an ordinance called the interpretation ordinance in this country. As per this ordinance you cannot pass laws that are effective in the past. The 18th amendment to the constitution is an amendment that rescinded democracy and discarded the law. But even when introducing the amendment, there is a clause they forgot to add. They forgot to mention the clause, as it was in the past. The President took oaths under the constitution at the time which contained the 17th amendment. There was no 18th amendment when the President took oaths. Under section 31 part 2, he can only come forward for a second term. Thereby it is clear, that the incumbent president cannot contest a third term under the prevailing law in the country.[/quote]

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