Debts loom over drought-affected farmers; more difficulties in the horizon

Debts loom over drought-affected farmers; more difficulties in the horizon

Written by Bella Dalima

30 Aug, 2014 | 10:02 pm

There seems to be no visible end to the hardships faced by those have been suffering without any food or water due to the drought  prevailing in several districts. Each day, they wonder how they can get through the next day .

The drought, which has affected fourteen districts in five provinces, has caused a severe economic crisis amongst those living in these areas. Many are now looking to the skies expecting to receive  sympathy from the weather gods after giving all they had, to cultivate their farmlands.

They are now in a situation where they have lost their valued belonging as well as their cultivation.

Around 12,484 hectares of farmland was due to be cultivated in the Yala Season in the Moneragala district which consists of eleven divisional secretariat areas. However, due to the absence of rain, farmers were only able to cultivate only 7,192  hectares, while around 1800 hectares of farmlands were destroyed due to the drought.

Though the drought has completely disrupted their way of life, they continue to be haunted by the debt that hovers around them. These farmers also call on authorities to provide some relief.

These brave farmers who battle against the forces of nature each day to cultivate their crops now face with a new battle – the battle for survival.

While people in the Moneragala district have been unable to pay off their debts due to the extreme drought, residents of the Ampara district are also facing a similar situation.

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