Jaffna, Moneragala, Anuradhapura among districts parched by persisting drought (Special Report)

Jaffna, Moneragala, Anuradhapura among districts parched by persisting drought (Special Report)

Written by Bella Dalima

28 Aug, 2014 | 9:56 pm

Over 800,000 persons have been affected in the northern and eastern provinces as a result of the drought. 122,753 persons belonging to 32,554 families in the Jaffna district have been affected by the drought.

Our correspondents in Kilinochchi stated that 74,884 persons from 21, 294 families in the district have been affected due to the drought. He added that water levels of the Iranamadu water tank which is largest reservoir in the district has also decreased.

A further 56,469 individuals belonging to 16,576 families have been left destitute as a result of the extreme dry weather conditions. Meanwhile, 51,494 persons from 14,603 families in the Vavuniya district have also been affected by the drought.

Furthermore, Fishermen who are engaged in freshwater fishing have been affected owing to the decrease in water levels in lakes and tanks.

Several News1st Correspondents have been reporting from the areas that have been parched by the drought.

On Thursday the News 1st team headed around 17 kilometres away  from the Moneragala town   to reach the Hulanthawa South area. The News 1st team witnessed how gushing rivers and streams had dried up as a result of the drought. 436 families are in dire need of drinking water, as they are faced with severe drinking water crisis .

The News 1st team then set off to the village of Tissapura.

The Department of Irrigation was seen distributing water to the Moneragala Divisional Secretariat with the use water bowsers. The Disaster Management Centre said that 40 bowsers are being used to distribute water in the Moneragala Divisional Secretariat area.

It added that water obtained through tube-wells are thus being distributed. This area has not seen any rainfall for over nine months. Although the area experienced rainfall twice, it was not sufficient to make the earth fertile.

Many chena cultivations have been destroyed as a result of the scorching heat.It was evident that these resident have to travel almost five kilometres in search of water to drink.

One hundred families residing in Thonigala village in Kahatagasdigiliya – Anuradhapura village rely on agriculture and fresh water fishing to make a living. The drought robbed these residents of the ability to engage in farming activities while the dried up tank took away their fishing activities as well. The lack of a proper water scheme to the village compounded the affects of the drought.

This solitary tube well is the only source of water for the entire village at present. Please watch video

The Ritigahawewa has been riddled with kidney disease and the drought conditions have had a dire impact on the lives of these patients. Doctors have advised patients not to consume well water. However due to the scarcity of water they are faced with a dilemma.



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