Terror situation created in Moneragala to prevent opposition political parties – Tilvin

Terror situation created in Moneragala to prevent opposition political parties – Tilvin

Written by Staff Writer

26 Aug, 2014 | 9:54 pm

Opposition political parties charge that election activity is not being conducted fairly in the Monaragala District.

Let us take a look at what opposition representatives had to say on the issue.

General Secretary of  JVP, Tilvin Silva expressed the following views:

“A serious terror situation has been created in the Moneragala District to prevent opposition political parties from conducting their election campaigns. There is no law here. The police officers are unable to uphold the law. Election officers are unable to uphold the law. They are working towards an unusual form of rule with no rules and regulations whatsoever. According to information we have, the government is preparing for a hasty presidential election. If the government is hastily going for a presidential election, the Uva Provincial Council Poll could be the final election before then.”

He added: They kept batting and batting and they were hoping to hit the final 6 in the Uva Province. But that is not what happened. The government started losing wickets in the western and southern provinces. There are signs that this has now become the election where they will lose wickets instead of scoring the final 6. They are afraid now. Because of their fear they are using various schemes, violating laws and creating a sense of terror to somehow win the Uva Election. The government has chosen the Moneragala district for this purpose because Badulla is disadvantageous to them. Since they cannot win the provincial council from Badulla they are trying to win by stealing votes in Moneragala.

UNP Parliamentarian, Ranjith Maddumabandara:

“There are illegal cutouts, posters and banners all over the Moneragala district today. It is disappointing to see that in some places there are illegal campaign offices right across from the police station. The police are deaf and blind to this. We have heard that orders came from high up in the police not to remove the cutouts of a certain authority figure in Uva. Orders have been given to not remove propaganda with his number on it. Not only that, they are forcefully pasting stickers on private buses and public transport in the Moneragala District. They are putting up posters. But the police are not taking any action. We ask whether this is their idea of a free and fair election in Uva? What type of democracy is this.”

Leader of Democratic Party,  Sarath Fonseka,

“Our campaign office in Bibila which was attacked was an authorised office that was being properly maintained. They have also attacked a number of campaign offices on the same night, which belong to the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna and the United National Party. Some of those offices were not registered offices. We know that the police will not take any steps regarding this. I saw our Elections Commissioner who is only a scarecrow, saying that all parties are violating these laws, as is his habit.”

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