‘We are all aliens’ – Scientist claims

‘We are all aliens’ – Scientist claims

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25 Aug, 2014 | 9:48 pm

A group of Russian scientists have discovered possible evidence that life on earth is of extraterrestrial origin. Scientists came to this conclusion following tests that were carried out on “algae-like” particles of meteorites that were found on the exterior of the International Space Station.

Two Russian scientists attached to the Russian side of the International Space Station found the plankton last week.Laboratory tests have reveled that the samples of plankton reveal that life on earth per-existed in outer space.The scientists say the samples of diatoms cannot be found on earth and added that tests are currently ongoing in order to verify this information.

Adding that this is the first such instance in which diatoms were found 200 km from the earth Professor Milton Wainwright, microbiologist at Sheffield University, said that his team were able to discover diatoms 17 km from earth on an earlier occasion.

He points out that there is no possible way for these water-borne organisms to get into space from earth.NASA says that it is yet to ascertain the origin of these microorganisms.

Scientist Lein Rosh Hild remarked that the these microorganisms would have got stagnated when attaching a new module to the Russian side of the ISS.

Possible evidence of the extra-terrestrial origins of life on earth has come to light on previous occasions too.Prof. Chandra Wickremesinghe, the noted UK based Sri Lankan astrobiologist is among the foremost proponents of this theory.

He noted that the red rains experienced in parts of Sri Lanka and diatoms found in meteorite fragments in Polonnaruwa have bolstered the evidence in favour of the extraterrestrial origins theory.


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