Reservoirs close to spill level as heavy rains lash the central hills

Reservoirs close to spill level as heavy rains lash the central hills

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05 Aug, 2014 | 8:51 pm

Heavy rains in the central hills have brought a number of reservoirs close to spill level. However, in arid areas including the Raja Rata region, water levels of reservoirs are extremely low.

Rainy weather conditions are being experienced in most parts of the central hills at present. Our reporter says the Castlereagh Reservoir is reaching spill level. Spillgates of the Wimalasurendra Reservoir have been opened.

Several waterfalls in the central hills too have been replenished by the rainwater. The agrarian community points out that in arid regions, more water can be collected in the rainy season if silt in reservoirs and waterways are removed.

Drought Relief

In the Hambantota District, it is the farmers themselves that have been tasked with removing silt and renovating irrigation systems.

The agrarian community has been made to undertake this work, as a prerequisite to receiving drought relief.

They say that each individual must remove silt from a trench 15 feet long, 1 foot in width and 1 foot deep.

Upon the completion of work in 12 days, each individual received 3,000 rupees or goods of an equivalent value.

The Director General of the Irrigation Department, Bhadra Kamaladasa says that the Irrigation Department has not initiated such a program.

She also informed us that removing silt from large reservoirs, is not a task that can be accomplished using rudimentary tools.

Neverthless, she also noted that the Irrigation Department has initiated its own program to renovate and remove silt from reservoirs.

Kamaladasa added that the necessary allocations would be made and that operations will commence in the near future.

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