Dilan Perera responds to Nimal Siripala’s remarks on politicians and sports

Dilan Perera responds to Nimal Siripala’s remarks on politicians and sports

Written by Bella Dalima

30 Jul, 2014 | 9:12 pm

Speaking at an event held in Hali Ela, Minister Dilan Perera commented on recent remarks made by House Leader Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva regarding politicos’ family members entering politics and politicians’ involvement in sports.

Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva expressed these following views on July 29:

[quote]I have two policies in my politics. The first is that my family will not be involved in politics. I will not deprive talented young men and women in an area of the opportunity to engage in politics by unloading my relatives there. As a politician I love and I support sports. But I will not take positions. I believe that politicians should remove themselves from sports associations. Entrust sport to the sportsmen.[/quote]

Minister Dilan Perera expressed these views:

[quote]Some persons are barking that they are against politicians holding positions in sports associations at a time when Dilan Perera is building an indoor stadium as President of the Badulla Cricket Association. Those who have not played sports mistake the ministry office and the bedroom. None of my relatives are in politics, but we know that the relatives of some politicians enter politics without contesting elections. Our organiser in Mahiyanganaya has resigned citing the intervention of the sister of one of our politicians.

They came from above and not through election. Do not tire of the preferential votes and then throw stone from glass houses. Although you cover your nudity with your fingers, the nudity can be seen through your fingers. Everyone in this country knows the story of how some persons who were blacklisted for embezzling by the Highways Ministry later came through the backdoor and received the contract to build the Badulla Hospital building. It is not suitable now to unveil the agreements that were struck with the opposition leader while eating rice at Harin Fernando’s Dansala on Poson Day. We can now see the people who are keeping a leg on each side to achieve only their aspirations.[/quote]


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