Weerawansa says party will contest alone for upcoming Uva Provincial Council Election

Weerawansa says party will contest alone for upcoming Uva Provincial Council Election

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29 Jul, 2014 | 11:15 pm

Leader of the National Freedom Front Minister Wimal Weerawansha says that the party will contest alone for the upcoming Uva Provincial Council Election.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo  on Tuesday, July 29,  Wimal Weerawansha pointed out that they took this decision as the government has not yet acted upon the proposals forwarded by them.

At the media briefing, the minister also expressed  the following views:

“Ministers Basil Rajapaksa and Dullas Allahaperuma engaged in discussions with us and accepted the 12 proposals that we forwarded . We gave an active plan to them; however the top officials of the government are yet to provide a satisfactory repose in this regard. If this government sees those who point out shortcomings as enemies and those who speak only good about the government as friends then we cannot decide the fate of this government. “

He added; “The public will decide how long they need to retain such a government. If the government does not see the need to make a progressive change then I don’t believe such a government will be able to sustain itself for long. We worked hard to make this government and we also worked hard to protect it. If they see our efforts to secure victory for the government as a move by an enemy then we wont be able to work with them any longer. We will place our faith in the people of uva and we will contest for the uva election for the first time as a single party. it doesn’t matter if we win 100 or 10.”

Minister also answered following questions raised at the media briefing.

Question: You are a minister of this government, are you ready to give up your post ?

Answer: “As a minister of this government,  if it is inappropriate to contest alone then the president can take a decision on it. I don’t need to take any decision.”

Q: you will have to criticise the government on the election stage. Can you sit in the cabinet after doing this ?

A : “You can wait and see how it happens. I cannot answer your question now, I have a response but I cannot say it now.”

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