Grama Niladhari allegedly assaulted by Kurunegala MP continues to receive treatment

Grama Niladhari allegedly assaulted by Kurunegala MP continues to receive treatment

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20 Jul, 2014 | 10:44 pm

The Grama Niladhari allegedly assaulted by Kurunegala District parliamentarian Nimal Senarath Wijeysinghe, is continuing to receive treatment at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital.

A police investigation into the alleged assault is currently underway.

The Ceylon Electricity Board recently laid down markers to cut down trees in the path of proposed electricity cables in the Ambakota area on the Kurunegala- Rideegama road.

One of these trees, a Jak tree, was cut down by a group of youth recently.

The Grama Niladhari of Ambakota Division 617 visited the location to inspect the situation.

The youth who had been cutting down the tree had later informed MP Nimal Senarath Wijeysinghe of the matter via telephone.

Although the MP had asked for the phone to be handed over to the Grama Niladhari, the Grama Niladhari had refused to speak with him.

The Grama Niladhari says he did not accept the phone call as it would have been illegal for him to do so while on duty.

Kurunegala District MP Nimal Senarath Wijeysinghe rejected these allegations.

“I did reprimand the Grama Niladhari because I am the MP representing the Dodangaslanda electorate. I reject allegations of assault.”

In spite of the MP’s denial, another Grama Niladhari who was at the scene, D.M. Tissa Dissanayake, confirmed the incident.

“MP Nilwala Wijeysinghe and his guards who were armed, surrounded us and used foul language and asked him if he was the Grama Niladhari. He slapped the Grama Niladhari and said that he was a new person who did not know who he was. At that point my colleague fell down. When he fell, he came close to him and hit him again. They surrounded us with guns and there was nothing we could do. We were on duty. We are officers who work 24 hours of the day and there was no one to help us. His bodyguards were there carrying firearms.”

Over the recent past, several incidents where public officials being assaulted while carrying out their duties have been reported.

A Samurdhi officer who was allegedly tied to a tree by Minister Mervin Silva has left the country.

An Army officer who was involved in a brawl with Minister Mervin Silva’s son, Malaka Silva, ;ater withdrew the charges.

A police officer who carried out his duties and apprehended Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekera for speeding on the Southern Expressway, later resigned from the police department.

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