Bus fare revision – bus owners and transport minister exchange views

Bus fare revision – bus owners and transport minister exchange views

Written by Bella Dalima

28 Jun, 2014 | 9:24 pm

The Sri Lanka Private Bus Owners Federation notes that a revision in bus fares is necessary inline with the national transport policy.

However, the Private Bus Owners Association, as well as the subject minister are of the opinion that a revision in bus fares is unnecessary.

News1st inquired into the matter.

According to the national transport policy,  a revision of bus fares is possible after July  1. The policy states that a bus fare revision could take place after considering twelve factors.

General Secretary of All Island Private Bus Company Federation, Anjana Priyanjith said:

[quote]The costs incurred monthly and annually have increased exponentially. Prices of revenue licenses, route permits, log licenses, oil, tyres and tubes, spare part have also risen. how can we not wait without revising bus fares? if the government does not take steps to revise bus fares then we will take stern action .[/quote]

Chairman of Lanka Private Bus Owners Association, Gemunu Wijeyaratne shared these views:

[quote]We are not aiming for a revision in bus fares right now. If we calculate the costs involved we could go for a 4% increase in bus fares. However, because of these price revisions more passengers are moving away from us. There is a tendency where nearly 1500 commuters move away from the bus service on a daily basis. We cannot increase the prices but we cannot survive without doing it either .[/quote]

Chairman of Inter Provincial Private Bus Association, P. Sarath Wijithakumara expressed this view:

[quote]We have faith that we will receive the bus fare revision that is due on the 1st of July. Although the prices of fuel have not increased, the cost of maintaining our buses have increased. If the national transport commission takes steps to provide what is due to us then it will be a great service to the industry.[/quote]

Meanwhile, Minister of Private Transport Services, C.B. Rathnayake said:

[quote]A bus fare revision is due for the 15th of July. This will only be possible after we consider 12 factors. The ministry is bound to fulfill the aspiration of the general public and we also need to ensure that this bus service is protected. That is why 12 factors need to be considered. Based on these factors an increase in bus fares will not take place. This needs to be stated very clearly .[/quote]


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