Palitha Thevarapperuma to resign from parliament

Palitha Thevarapperuma to resign from parliament

Written by Staff Writer

22 Jun, 2014 | 9:23 pm

United National Party Parliamentarian Palitha Thevarapperuma says that he will resign from his post as a parliamentarian at the next sitting of parliament.

The MP made this statement during a media briefing on Sunday.

“I am one of the 225 who represent parliament. I saw that the service station in Welipanne — which belongs to a Muslim —had been set ablaze opposite the police station. I informed the police to stop it and give them police security. They did not do it. “

He continued: “The IGP must resign from his post. If not the shame on our Sinhala community cannot be removed. I will resign from my post as a parliamentarian at the next parliament sitting because we cannot bear this any longer. If the government is planning on making electoral gains through this, then it is very wrong. This will be their end.”

UNP Western Provincial Councilor Mujibur Rahuman also spoke at the briefing:

“We are asking the IGP to not be a joker. We have a question regarding law and order in this country. Why is the law not enforced? Why did this attack take place during a time of curfew? Shops were set ablaze during police curfew. That is our question. What is this invisible hand that prevents law and order from being enforced? That is what we want to know,” he said.

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