TCMOL Chairman’s letter spotlights key issues in electronic and print media “credibility ratings”

TCMOL Chairman’s letter spotlights key issues in electronic and print media “credibility ratings”

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15 Jun, 2014 | 7:35 pm

A meeting was convened on June 4 by the Minister and Secretary to the Ministry of Mass Media and Information, on issues surrounding the credibility of ratings compiled for the electronic and print media.

The importance of resolving persisting problems with regard to the institutions which compile these ratings was highlighted at this meeting.

The Secretary to the Ministry further reiterated the importance of this matter, given that the annual turnover of the TV industry is about 46 billion rupees.

Meanwhile, a letter addressed by the Chairman of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited to advertising agencies and clients was published in newspapers on Sunday

The letter addressed by the Chairman of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, notes that since the meeting on  June 4 in connection with the uncertainty and credibility issues with regard to the current ratings systems operating – both electronic and diary – several calls have been received from some  advertising agencies.

The letter notes that, at this meeting, the Minister made it very clear that the government will not be funding nor get involved in a research system such as this.

The letter reads “Some agencies believe that the rating systems will be brought under control and fears of government interference, may be created by some interested parties who are extremely keen, for their own benefit to keep the present system which lacks credibility and validity and which in fact was discontinued previously for these very reasons.”

The letter further notes that most multi-nationals and local corporates use the rating system as a guideline to determine allocations of spends based on the cost per rating point system.

Furthermore, he emphasised, “Certain incentives are being offered in the market, since the rating system is now under scrutiny, which will distort the true market condition. In the interest of this growing industry, this has to stop.”

The letter reads further: “We are sure that all of us agree that with the issues surfacing, any measurement system that creates a doubt as it lacks validity and credibility in terms of analysis and interpretation and could be subject to tampering, is not healthy for any industry.”

The letter reiterates that this is something that the media of the Capital Maharaja Organisation has stood by and will continue to stand by whenever any malpractices are detected not only in this industry.

He reminisces that recently, even the print media detected such credibility issues on reported data and has already initiated legal action on it.

In his letter to advertising agencies and clients, the chairman  says, “Just as much as the brand owners and media advisers should benefit from the advertising spends, everybody in the electronic and print media too should should get their fair share of revenue and not be evaluated unfairly by a blanket rating system which lacks validity and credibility and/or by unethical incentive schemes that have recently surfaced to circumvent the Media Ministry’s scrutiny of the rating system.”

He notes that it is clear that there are only one or two parties that are resorting to this unfair practice, which is corrupting this system.

The letter to advertising agencies and clients, concludes, “As a media house we have been forthright and we will not hesitate to expose these unethical schemes, which will have a long term detrimental impact on the entire industry, which we are sure you will agree is not in the best interest of all of us”.

Letter of Chairman


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