Sirasa TV celebrates sixteenth anniversary at Sigiriya

Sirasa TV celebrates sixteenth anniversary at Sigiriya

Written by Staff Writer

10 Jun, 2014 | 9:19 pm

Sixteen years ago on Tuesday was a memorable day in Sri Lanka.

MTV’s sister channel Sirasa TV marked its sixteenth anniversary in novel fashion; in the ancient kingdom of Sigiriya.

A notable event was the opening of Sirasa Mawatha, a byroad of T.B. Tennakoon Mawatha in Sigiriya, which leads to Ehelagala, renamed after Sirasa TV with the unanimous approval of the Pradeshiya Sabha.

The road underwent rapid renovation, which was met with great appreciation by area residents.

Sirasa Mawatha was declared open by Minister Janaka Bandara Tennakoon and Sirasa TV Channel Head Chandana Sooriyabandara.

Following the opening of the road, Sirasa TV also provided a scholarship to a three-month old infant from the area, securing his education until he comes of age.

The main event to commemorate the sixteenth Anniversary of Sirasa TV commenced  Tuesdaymorning with the historic Sigiriya Rock as the backdrop.

Schoolchildren from several schools in Sigiriya joined in the festivities, adding colour to the occasion.  School equipment was also donated to a group of schoolchildren, parallel to the anniversary celebrations of Sirasa TV.

Following are some views expressed at the event.


 Minister of Land & Land Development, Janaka Bandara Tennakoon

“Sirasa has always been in the hearts of the people. Sixteen years ago, Sirasa gave the nation a new message via the media network. Sirasa was able to win the hearts of many. Because of this, a situation where Sirasa feels as if the people belong to them and where the people feel that Sirasa belongs to them has emerged.”


Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Ltd., Chevaan Daniel

“Sixteen years ago, Sirasa started a revolution. What is a revolution? It’s something that changes lives. Others who followed also spoke of revolutions. These were not revolutions but they were imitations. We have not and will not slow down in the face of this. But getting back to the present, to 2014, what revolution are we going to start today? This is why we’ve come here to the Lion Rock. And so, we must all unite. Sirasa under the leadership of our Chairman, and each of you, and give Sri Lanka the prominence it deserves on the World Stage. Just like Sigiriya.”


Channel Head of Sirasa TV, Chandana Sooriyabandara

“Within 16 years, we gave opportunities to many talented young individuals. This is not something I have to specifically bring your attention too. We were able to make people shine bright like stars. I am proud to say that the brightest of these stars originated from us.”


Rural Development Minister of Central PC, Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon

“We appreciate that Sirasa has broken all boundaries faced by the media, gone to rural areas and facilitated the development of the village community. We wish Sirasa a very happy sixteenth anniversary with blessing to be able to continue it’s service to the less fortunate.”
Member of Western Provincial Council, Susara Dinal

Sirasa TV’s anniversary is celebrated on a grand scale with the participation of the Sri Lankan community. It’s a blessing to be able to come to Sigiriya, identify the problems of the citizens and find solutions for educational and other issues, parallel to celebrating the sixteenth anniversary.

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