Kindelpitiya on devolution of power and reaching out to those affected by natural disasters

Kindelpitiya on devolution of power and reaching out to those affected by natural disasters

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03 Jun, 2014 | 9:11 pm

The prevalent inclement weather conditions were also discussed at a sitting of the Western Provincial Council on Tuesday.

Following are the views expressed at the council.

Minister – Western PC, Udaya Gammanpila.

“In 2010, the Department of Irrigation, the Department of Minor Irrigation, the Urban Development Authority and the Lowlands Development Board, initiated a joint programme which has enabled us to mitigate flooding in our country, especially in the Western Province. However, on the heels of a severe drought, our people are facing a natural disaster once again.”

DP Group Leader of Western PC, Susil Kindelpitiya.

“As public representatives, if we cannot do anything, it is pointless us remaining in this chamber. The problem is not whether this comes under the central government, disaster management or social welfare. We know that great harm has been caused to the Kalutara District and we must provide alternate shelters for these poor people. We will have to rebuild their homes. At the same time we will have to pay some funeral assistance for those who lost their lives. “

He added: “The Provincial Council Dystem was initiated in this country to devolve power: not to hold onto it. If we say that this should be handled only by the Central Government, then it is not the devolution of power but holding onto power. As members of this provincial council, I urge this council to free themselves of the mechanism of holding onto power, embrace the mechanism of devolution of power and let us all commit ourselves to do the utmost that this provincial council can do, for the people who have been affected.”

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