Sampanthan writes to Jayalalitha on ‘the need to find an honourable solution’

Sampanthan writes to Jayalalitha on ‘the need to find an honourable solution’

Sampanthan writes to Jayalalitha on ‘the need to find an honourable solution’

Written by Bella Dalima

29 May, 2014 | 8:51 pm

In a letter to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram, TNA Parliamentary Group Leader R. Sampanthan notes that the Indian Central Government requires the support of Tamil Nadu to ensure an honourable solution, based on justice and equality, is found in Sri Lanka.

In his letter, MP Sampanthan notes that although promises were made to both the government of India and the international community, both during the war and after its conclusion, on steps being taken to reach a political settlement, these promises have not been fulfilled.

He notes that there were many instances on which an honourable solution based on justice and equality could have been found following the end of the armed conflict in 2009.

Parliamentarian Sampanthan has also forwarded a copy of the letter sent by the TNA to new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jeyaram.

The letter goes on to congratulate Jeyaram on the victory achieved by the AIADMK during the recently concluded general elections where the party won 37 out of 39 seats within Tamil Nadu. The TNA while appreciating the attention that the Chief Minister has focused on the issues of Tamils in Sri Lanka, urged her to assist the Central Government with regard to issues on Sri Lanka. MP Sampanthan also requested an early opportunity to meet with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in order to discuss such issues.

Recently Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran refused the invitation extended by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to take part in the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Modi. After refusing this invitation, the Chief Minister wrote a letter to the new Indian Premier requesting that a time be allocated to meet with representatives of the TNA.

The BJP, which stormed to victory in the recently concluded general election, in its policy framework notes that the ideas and views of various states will be taken into consideration when dealing with matters relating to foreign policy.

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