Three apprehended on suspicion of Hasalaka police officer assault

Three apprehended on suspicion of Hasalaka police officer assault

Written by Bella Dalima

24 May, 2014 | 10:42 pm

Three people have been apprehended under suspicion of assaulting two police constables on traffic duty on the Wilgamuwa Hasalaka Road, the police said.

The hospitalised suspects have said that they were assaulted by the police.

The two constables were stationed in the Wilgamuwa Junction to control traffic along the Wilgamuwa – Hasalaka road. The police stated the constables were assaulted by the passengers of a three-wheeler, when they attempted to inspect the vehicle.

The two policemen also hospitalised after the incident. The passengers of the three-wheeler were arrested in connection to the assault and were subsequently hospitalised.

Three-wheeler driver said: “The threewheeler is new, I did not have my number plate I had one which was printed by a computer. When I tried to show my license and insurance documents they said that they don’t need to see them because I don’t have a number plate. They told the passengers in the back to get down as they were not required. I refused to hand over the key of the three wheeler and I remained in it, they assaulted me and hit my head with a torch. They got me into the jeep and continued to assault me.”

The suspects were placed under remand custody until May 30, after being produced before the acting magistrate of Nawula.


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